Grade Levels » Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year

Checklist of objectives to complete your Sophomore year.
Keep it going!
• Review your 9th and 10th grade schedules with your counselors to make sure you
are taking all the college prep classes needed for a selective four-year college or
• Maintain A's and B's.
• Continue to form study groups.
• Update your personal resume file at the end of each semester.
• Continue to visit local colleges and universities with family and friends.
• Participate in enrichment programs and special summer workshops and camps
for music, science,writing, film-making, language and others.
Myth #2- "Students should know exactly what they want to study before they apply to college."
Not always true! You may have to make a career decision earlier if you plan to attend a specialized college of music, engineering, etc. But most colleges and universities encourage you to take a broad range of subjects to help you decide on a field of study. So it's okay to go the college "undecided."