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Freshmen Year

Checklist of objectives to complete your Freshmen year.
It's good time to start thinking about college!
Your student record for college entrance begins here:
• Remind your counselor that you want to attend a selective four-year college or university and that you need to schedule college prep courses. Take algebra or geometry and a foreign language in both semesters.
• If you attend a year-round school, make sure you are in a track that offers college prep subjects.
• Maintain A's and B's in all of your subjects.
• Form a study group with friends who plan to go to college.
• Create a personal resume file. Save items such as:
        1. Copies of report card
        2. Diplomas and certificates presented to you
        3. A list of honors you receive
        4. A list of school and community activities you join
        5. A list of offices you hold in these organizations, and
        6. A list of jobs you hold (volunteer or paid)
• Update your file each semester.
• Begin visiting local community colleges, state universities and private colleges with your family and friends. Prior to your visit, view the college's website and call for printed materials.  They will send them to you for free! 
• Participate in academic enrichment programs.
Myth #1 - "You have to be rich to attend a private college/university"
Not True! 60% of the students attending private colleges/universities in California receive need-based financial aid. The average family income of students attending high cost private colleges in California is actually below the average family income of students attending low-cost University of California campuses.