Junipero Serra High School Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory

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“If you treat an individual as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be”

          Parents you can help create the discipline, the policies, and procedures to help create a safe school environment.
Here are some ideas that could be very helpful:
  • Discuss the school’s discipline policy with your child.
  • Show your support for the rules, and help your son/daughter understand the reason for them.
  • Involve you son/daughter in setting rules for appropriate behavior at home.
  • Talk with your son/daughter about the violence he she sees- on television, in video games, and possible in the neighborhood. HELP YOUR SON/DAUGHTER UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF VIOLENCE.
  • Keep lines of communication open with your son/daughter even when it is tough. Encourage your son/daughter always to let you know where and with who he or she will be. Get to know your son/daughter friends.
  • Listen to your son/daughter if he or she shares concerns about friends who may be exhibiting troubling behavior. Share this behavior with a trusted professional, such as the counselors, teachers or administrators.
  • Be involved in your son/daughter school’s life by supporting and reviewing homework, talking with his or her teachers and attending school functions such as parent conferences, class programs, open houses, athletic events, and P.T.O meetings.
Hopefully you will find these tips to be of some help for you and your son/daughter not only at home, school, and in our society. I would like to thank all parents for your cooperation with the new cell phone policy; it has been a great improvement in the classroom as well as on campus.

Most of our students here at school are receiving detentions because:
          1.) Tardiness
          2.) Dress Code
                                                                                            Mr. Austin Jackson
                                                                                            Director of Discipline and
                                                                                            Character Development