Christian Service Policy and Schedule

Christian Service Addendum


Junipero Serra's motto “Siempre Adelante” Always Forward is what we are living at this time.  Recent events have made it necessary that we shift our focus for continuing the Christian Service Journey.  With this in mind Junipero Serra High School will modify, effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020, and up to the date that Christian Service hours are due on November 29, 2021.  After November 29, 2021, the program will resume pre-Covid-19 guidelines, for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year.  This means that 10-hours will be required for the 2nd semester.


The following changes are effective Tuesday March 17th, 2020: 

  1. Christian Service hours for the Fall 2021 Semester are reduced from ten (10)-hours to five (5)-hours.
  2. Intercessory and Contemplative Prayer will be accepted as a mode of service if person-to-person volunteering is unavailable or discouraged.
  1. Students' prayer will focus areas outside of their personal interest.
  2. Students' verification will be signed by Mr. McDorman.
  1. The rubric will focus on the Spiritual Works of Mercy:

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are:

  1. To instruct the ignorant.
  2. To counsel the doubtful.
  3. To admonish the sinners.
  4. To bear patiently those who wrong us.
  5. To forgive offenses.
  6. To comfort the afflicted.
  7. To pray for the living and the dead
  1. The students will then fill out their prayer reflection, take a picture and uploaded it to the proper Google Classroom, in the respective assignment, by the respective due date.
  1. 3:15 PM, November 29, 2021 All Grade Levels
  2. 3:15 PM, April 29, 2022, for Seniors
  3. 3:15 PM, May 16, 2022 for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors.



Free Apps from the Apple App Store:


Catholic Prayers: Official

Hallow: Catholic Meditation

Pray Catholic Novena Prayers

Catholic Daily Readings


Free Apps from the Google Play App Store:


Catholic Prayers: Official

Pray Catholic Novena Prayers

The Word Among Us-Daily Mass Readings

Catholic Prayers Offline



PROCEDURES - Google Classroom:


Students each semester will utilize Google Classroom to turn in their Christian Service Hours.


Each student will be given a code that will correspond to their grade level. Please, sign up for your respective class:

- Please email Mr. McDorman ([email protected]) for Google Class code if you did not receive it in your school email.


Then, students will take a digital photo or scan in their forms. The forms must be attached to the "Christian Service Assignment".  


Students must handwrite forms. No typed reflections will be accepted.


Finally, please ensure completed Christian Service Hour Forms are uploaded to the proper Google Classroom, in the respective assignment, by the respective due date.


Due Dates:

  • Underclassmen on November 29, 2021, by 3:15 PM
  • Seniors hours are due April 29, 2022, by 3:15 PM
  • Underclassmen on May 16, 2022, by 3:15 PM



D.        Christian Service Policy

1. Purpose - The Christian Service Program is an essential part of the Junipero Serra High School educational experience. In line with our mission, Junipero Serra High School is committed to developing generous, responsible citizens and leaders. Service with the vulnerable who are the poor, marginalized, and disenfranchised of the community is an essential part of a rich and integrated educational tradition. Through various service experiences, the virtues of generosity, compassion, and wisdom will be further developed in each student. The Christian Service Program has been integrated into our curriculum to provide a hands-on experience for students to answer the needs of our community and enable them to live up to the call of Christ to be his witnesses to the world.

2. Mission - To provide service opportunities that foster an encounter with people on the margins. It promotes a healthy relationship and dialogue while developing a sense of justice and advocacy. In this program students are challenged to see the face of Christ in others, which empowers each young person to join in the work of bringing about the Kingdom of God and promotes responsible servant leadership

3. Theme - To see the face of Christ and to be the face of Christ to those we serve. 

4. Guidelines - The corporal and spiritual works of mercy are intended as guidelines for student service through Junipero Serra High School.  By adhering to at least one work from each column, a student may ensure that they are within guidelines.


Corporal Works of Mercy

Spiritual Works of Mercy

To feed the hungry

To instruct the ignorant

To give drink to the thirsty

To counsel the doubtful

To clothe the naked

To admonish the sinner

To visit the ransom and captive

To bear wrongs patiently

To shelter the homeless

To forgive offences willingly

To visit the sick

To comfort the afflicted

To bury the dead

To pray for the living and the dead


5. Requirements – Each student will complete ten hours per semester. Christian Service is a class offered as 8th period; it is a one-credit course that does not affect GPA. The class is considered pass or incomplete. All students are required to complete a total of at least 80-hours over their 4-years at Junipero Serra High School. Student service should be served at a preferred agency, fall within the rubric or be pre-approved by the Christian Service Coordinator and fall in line with the theme of the corporal or spiritual works of mercy. Students will need to directly work with people.  The following items must be accomplished by students in order to earn credit for hours each semester: 

a.  Complete all sections of the Service Verification Form (including all signatures and the Christological reflection) during each service experience, found in the Parent/Student Handbook, behind the Christian Service drop box on campus, or on-line.

b.  Turn in completed Service Verification Forms to the Christian Service your respective Google Classroom. 

Service hours are due as posted on the school calendar. Please note that the senior due date will be earlier in the spring semester. Hours will be recorded by the Christian Service Coordinator in PowerSchool and will not count if turned in after the deadlines no matter if the hours were served before the deadline. Failure to complete and turn in hours by the semester deadline will result in a grade of “I” and an additional 10 hours of service required per semester incomplete. 

6. Agencies – A listing of preferred agencies can be found on the Serra Campus Ministry website under Christian Service Policy.

7. Rubric – The rubric below is intended to be filled out if a student elects not to serve at a preferred agency and did not have prior approval by the Christian Service Coordinator. 



If your work was not with a pre-approved agency, please fill out the Christian Service Rubric:



Work completed is at least one of the Corporal Works of Mercy or Spiritual Works of Mercy



Work completed took place off campus 



I could be the face of Christ to or see the face of Christ in those I served 



My work was directly with people and was service to a community in need



If all 4 boxes were appropriately answered with yes, then your service project is most likely approved (Subject to the final approval of the Christian Service Coordinator).

For concerns regarding Christian Service please contact: 

       Mr. McDorman

Christian Service Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

P: 310.324.6675 Ext.2309