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Cyber Crime Prevention

Cyber Crime Prevention
• Think before you post
• Facebook and MySpace have joined with Law Enforcement to catch criminals on the internet
• We have to come up with creative solutions
1.) Empower the user to control who contacts them
       2.) Do not give them information like where you live? etc
• The first line of defense is parents and teachers
• The internet is like the Ocean listen to the life guard, Coast Guard, and Navy
• Welcome to the unknown (the images of the internet)
• Cyber crime is true and real crimes (physical and internet are the same)
• You would not go to certain areas in Los Angeles but we go to all kind of areas on the internet
• The internet is no more safer than on the street
• We have to arm ourselves with tools
• The internet can be harsher and more mental than on the street
• We have to understand that the internet is changing all the time
The fasting growing problems within the world of cyber bullying are:
• Stealing an individual’s name and password to a social networking site, then using their profile to post rumors, gossip, or other damaging information
• Using web sites and blogs to post hurtful, embarrassing information about another individual