Junipero Serra High School Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory

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Alumni Panel Dishes About College

As the Class of 2019 ponders its future after Serra, advice is crucial. What should the students in the Class of 2019 expect as they apply to college, make decisions about college, are visited by all sorts of distractions such as parties and the temptation not to go to class, and adjust to the heightened workload and complexity of the college experience? Who better to speak to the Class of 2019 about these matters than some of Serra's own.
Back in 2015, Urina Harrell, a 2012 Serra alum, had an idea. Why not have alums of Serra come to Serra in the first couple weeks of school and talk about what Seniors should expect as they advance towards college life. This idea developed into what Serra calls the Alumni Panel. In its third year, the Panel provides a unique service to the Serra community, of course more specifically to the past three soon-to-be graduating classes. Grand Canyon University Admissions representative, Matthew Goetzfried, has visited many high schools and discussed the program's uniqueness. "I am unaware of any other alumni group that provides such a service at any other high school."
This year, in their visit on August 27, the panel consisted of eight participants. Attending this year were Ronald Archey, Dominique Harris and Channel Jackson (Class of 2008), Ariel Scott Williams (Class of 2010), and Jarrett Theragood, Kelsey Wilson, Urina Harrell, and Dominique Hale (Class of 2012). Dominating the discussion on this day was the theme of balance. "You will be tempted to go to parties and not go to class," said Jackson. "However, if you do not have balance and fall to these temptations, you will have a tough time." This was repeated many times during the meeting, as the Class of 2019 sat engaged and enthralled, contemplating the words and their own futures. A big thank you to the panel for all that you have done!