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New Easy-to-Use Parent-Teacher Conferences Scheduler

New Easy-to-Use Parent-Teacher Conferences Scheduler

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 (Grades 10, 11)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 (Grades 9, 12)

3:00-7:00 p.m.

Dear Serra Family,

Junipero Serra High school believes effective communication between faculty and parents/guardians play an important role in the success of our students. In this vein, parent-teacher conferences are excellent opportunities to discuss your student’s academic achievements as well as areas of growth.

In an effort to better serve you, and in the end, our students, Serra is implementing a new online scheduler called for all future parent-teacher conferences. Long wait times will be reduced for both parents and teachers as a result of using this improved coordination. The user-friendly system will also make better use of your time by allowing you to select specific time slots for individual instructors. is free to use and does not require you to make an account. The only information that will be necessary to provide is an email address and phone number which will be for contact purposes only.

In addition to being available on this website, instructions to begin using will be shared with you via email and will be included in the Daily Bulletin. Please check your email inbox for these invitations. These communications will be posted and sent well in advance of parent-teacher conferences ensuring you have a substantial tine to plan ahead.

Serra is confident this new and improved approach to scheduling parent-teacher conferences better suits the needs of all involved. We think you will enjoy using, and as always, look forward to seeing you soon!

Sign-Up Instructions

  1. Click on a teacher’s name below.
  2. Enter and confirm your email address. Select “Next.”
  3. Confirm the date of your conference by clicking the calendar icon next to "View Calendar or Jump to Any Date."
  4. Select one time slot only.
  5. Click the orange “Sign Up” button next to your selected time, and the orange “Sign Up” button will change to “My Spot (1)
  6. Provide your email address and phone number in the window that appears. Also ensure to include your son/daughter's first and last name in the "Add Comment" box
  7. Once all necessary information has been input, click the green “Save” button (located at the top or bottom of the webpage) to finalize your selection
  8. A link to your sign-up will be included in an email confirmation.
  1. To reserve your time slot, you must click the green “Save” button.
  2. To cancel your time slot, click the red “Trashcan” icon or the blue “Minus Symbol” next to your selected slot and click "Save."
  3. Please keep in mind there are a limited number of slots. The sooner you commit to a time, the better!
  4. Please arrive promptly. If you do not appear at your scheduled time, your slot will be forfeited.

Links to Sign-Up

Mr. Adachi – Rm. 500

Mr. Altenberg – Rm. 600

Ms. Anton – Rm. 302

Dr. Bengford – Rm. 303

Mr. Bertrand – Rm. 201

Mr. Boyer – Rm. 304

Mr. Calvin – Rm. 203

Dr. Castillo – Rm. 101

Mr. Dabbs - Athletic Director's Office

Mr. Duffy – Rm. 202

Mrs. Encelan – Rm. 404

Mr. Gutierrez – Rm. 308

Mr. Hadley – Rm. 200

Mr. Jackson – Rm. 402

Mr. McCrumby – Rm. 105 

Ms. McCaffery – Rm. 100

Mr. McDorman – Rm. 309

Mrs. Morales – Rm. 311

Mr. Murphy – Rm. 403

Ms. Nguyen – Rm. 103

Mr. Pederson – Rm. 310

Mr. Raffel – Rm. 204

Mr. Reeves – Rm. 305

Mr. Reynolds – Rm. 307

Ms. Royster – Rm. 301

Mr. Solano – Rm. 306

Ms. Torres - Campus Ministry Office