Junipero Serra High School Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory

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** Congratulations Class of 2020  ~   Jose A.     Imani A.     Jaylon A.     Browny B.     Kalea B.     Douglas B.      Lavon B.     Alaya B.     Eleni C.     Lauryn C.     Sydearia C.     Deyja C.     Bryant C.     Jonah C.     Ryan D.      Kiani D.     Amy D.     India D.     Miles D.     Taylor E.     Skye F.     Xandria F.     Julian F.     Marvin F.      Crystal G.     Brian G.     Jaiya G.     Kimberly G.     Rebekah H.     Bernard H.     Justin H.     Amanda H.      Christopher J.     Taler J.     Jermaine K.     Madison K.     Dylan L.     Marley L.     Amrys M.     Tyler M.      Corey M.     Chancelor M.     Trinity M.     Kelsey M.     Simone M.     Kellie N.     Angel O.     Kevin O.      Timani P.     Roschondra P.     Brittany Q.     Jonathan R.     Brenda R.     Ashley R.     Cynthia R.     Kimmia S.     Ndunga S.     Jordan S.     Kyin S.     Malik S.     Kristopher S.     Byrce T.     Guadalupe V.     Jalynn W.      Tarlton W.     Jacob W.     Malikai W.     Dominic W.   ~   Congratulations Class of 2020! **
Graduation Requirements
A student of Junipero Serra High School must meet the following requirements for graduation.
  1. Student must complete a minimum of 240 units. Each subject completed with a passing grade is equivalent to 5 units a semester.
  2. Student must take one English and one Religion class each semester.
  3. Any student who has not received credit for a semester must make up the proper credit in summer school before returning the following September. P.E. or Driver's Training cannot be used to make up academic "F's".
  4. Student must complete a SAT preparation course at own expense before October of senior year. Course must be on Vice Principal's list of approved courses or must be cleared beforehand through the Director of Counseling. A signed and stamped certificate of completion must be submitted to the Director of Counseling.
  5. Each student must complete Christian Service hours (see appendix) under the direction of the Campus Ministry/Christian Service coordinator and submit a Christian Service Reflection Paper by the first Friday of May.
  6. Mini-Electives are graded on a pass/fail basis and must be passed to receive credit.

Religion4 years40 units
English4 years40 units
Mathematics3 years30 units
Social Studies3 years30 units
Science2 years20 units
Foreign Language2 years20 units
P.E./Health1 year10 units
Fine Arts1 year10 units
Electives3 years35 units

240 units

NOTE: Participation in the graduation ceremony and receipt of a diploma are privileges, not rights. The school reserves the right to deny participation in graduation and to deny a diploma. Any student subject to such penalties will be granted a transcript, in accordance with the requirements of California law.

Any student who is missing one class (five credits) of required course work at the time of graduation, will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony, but will not receive a diploma until documentation is received that the appropriate class has been successfully completed. This class must be pre-approved by the Assistant Principal or the Director of Counseling.

Any student who is missing two or more classes (ten or more credits) of required course work will not be allowed to participate in the Graduation Ceremony, the Baccalaureate Mass, or Rehearsals.


The Valedictorian and Salutatorian are chosen each year from the highest ranked students in the Senior class. Preliminary consideration is given to academic ability and the rigor of classes taken. A secondary consideration, in the case where academic ability is very similar among students, is the degree of involvement in extra-curricular activities and the attitude of the student toward school and learning. The Principal's Administrative Council will select them.


Summa Cum Laude:Students maintain an academic grade point average of 3.80 to 4.00 over the first 15 quarters
Magna Cum Laude:Students maintain an academic grade point average of 3.60 to 3.79 over the first 15 quarters
Cum Laude:Students maintain an academic grade point average of 3.40 to 3.59 over the first 15 quarters


Honor Roll status is based on the previous semester's grades. Full-time students earning a 4.0 GPA are placed on the Principal's Honor Roll. Full-time students earning between 3.50 and 3.99 GPA are placed on the Serra Honor Roll.


    4 years college prep English.
    3 years Mathematics (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
    2 years of the same Foreign Language (three recommended)
    2 years of Lab Science (three recommended)
    1 year of World History
    1 year of U.S. History (or 1 sem. U.S. Hist., 1 sem. U.S. Govt.)
    1 year of Visual and Performing Arts - Art, Music, Drama
    1 year of U.C. approved elective (chosen from the subjects listed above or another course approved by the university)

  2. UC GPA includes 10th and 11th grade required courses, weighted for Honors/AP.
    ALSO REQUIRED --- SAT Reasoning or ACT Test (see counselor for scores required) and SAT Subject Area Tests (one Math - Math 2, one English, and one additional)
    UCs also consider essay, school/community activities, honors and awards, and work experience.

    1. UC and all other SELECTIVE colleges (Harvard, Stanford, Notre Dame, etc.) require the most rigorous course sequence possible, i.e. 4 years Math, 4 years science, 3 years language, AP and Honors courses, etc.
    2. Electives include all courses beyond the basics, e.g. Physics, Spanish III, Economics, Anatomy/Physiology, Psychology, AP Psychology. Not all electives are U.C. approved. Check with the counselor for details.

    4 years college prep English
    3 years Mathematics (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
    2 years of the same Foreign Language
    1 year Lab Science
    1 year of US History (or 1 sem. U.S. Hist., 1 sem. U.S. Govt.)
    1 year of Visual and Performing Arts -- Art, Music, Drama
    1 year of college prep electives

    1. SAT Reasoning or ACT Test (see counselor for scores required)
    2. GPA grades 10-12, 11th and 12th grades weighted for honors
    3. Cal. State requirements meet most other state college requirements but there are differences. Check with the school counselor for specific requirements for specific schools.
    4. Most electives meet Cal. State requirements but there are exceptions. Check with the counselor before completing your schedule for Junior year.

    These vary in requirements; it is best to try to match UC requirements! Private colleges also consider test scores, essays, activities, and also look at recommendations from teachers, academic counselor and/or clergy members.

    Requirements: High School Diploma (not needed after age 18). Community colleges now have transfers and matriculation services to help all students reach their goal of transfer to a four-year college or earn an Associate Arts degree.
Please be sure to see the counselor if you have any questions regarding college admission requirements!
Senior Counselor reserves the right to deny writing a recommendation for any student who does not meet the minimum requirements for admission into the university or college.