Junipero Serra High School Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory

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*Writing Contest Results*

Thank you to Dr. Gabriel and the Gabriel Family Foundation and Natural History Museum & to Kathy
and Jim McCaffery and the Catholic Community Foundation for making this possible. Congratulations
to our winners!

Gabriel Family Foundation Junior/Senior Essay Contest:

• 1st Place ($1,500): Enrique Castellon-Davis —“The Papacy of Pope Francis: His Holiness’
• 2nd Place ($1,000): Stephanie Okeke — “Pope Francis"
• 3rd Place ($500): Kariamu Cross — “Peace, Poverty, Love, and Protection”
Gabriel Family Foundation Freshman/Sophomore Essay Contest:

• 1st Place ($500): Lauryn Carter — “The Real Meaning of Gratitude”
• 2nd Place ($300): Jordan Shanez — “Gratefulness”
• 3rd Place ($200): Kimmia Saunders — “Gratitude Throughout the Ages”

Literary Magazine Poetry Contest:

• 1st Place ($100): Laura Okeke — “Immortal”
• 2nd Place ($50): Elaine McClinton — “Letter to My Boy”
• 3rd Place ($25): Jordan Shanez — “A Mother’s Pain”

Literary Magazine Short Story Contest:

• 1st Place ($100): Destiny Cabico — “Milk Tears and Blueberry Pancakes”
• 2nd Place ($50): Stephanie Okeke — “Hailey Prest and the Gods of Olympus: A Hero’s Fate”
• 3rd Place ($25): Duong Nguyen — “Hannah”

Literary Magazine Essay Contest:

• 1st Place ($100): Cardinal Fernandezees — “A Vengeful Villain”
• 2nd Place ($50): Destiny Cabico — “Power”
• 3rd Place ($25): Kayla Jenkins — “Nature Overrules Nurture”

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