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College Readiness

Senior Year 1st Semester Agenda

GOAL: APPLY TO AT LEAST 5 Colleges/Universities by 11/15
I. Transcripts--will be distributed to each senior during the first week of September
Please request official transcripts from the Registrar office (Mrs. Harris) with a one-week advance notice
      a. Are all courses correct on your transcript?
      b. Is all personal information correct?

Please review Senior College Class Visit Agenda for high school credit summary
II. College Visitations and Informational Sessions held during lunch (11:45am - 12:30pm)
        a. Choose at least five (5) college presentations you will attend
        b. Report to Room 104 for the college presentation
        c. ALL Juniors and Seniors welcome--come with your list of questions
d. College Visitations will be announced via Daily Bulletin and email alerts

III. SAT Prep Course (completed by March of Junior year)
IV. ACT/SAT Exams (taken during Spring time of Junior year)

V. SAT Brag Sheet (prepared prior to requesting letters of recommendation)

VI. Letters of Recommendation (two week notice is required)

VII. Personal Statements (Required for UC applications, Scholarships, CSU EOP Program, etc. )

VIII. Online Contact:  Create a professional email and email your academic counselor to receive updates

IX. College Applications (SERRA Deadline to submit is November 15th)-- NOTE: Deadlines for Out-of-State & Private colleges/universities vary--make sure you are aware of those deadlines
X.  Financial Aid (FAFSA) (FAFSA Applications open on October 1st/Submission Deadline is March 1st)
SERRA Deadline is February 15th